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January 17, 2018


CHAPS, inc. has created a multi-faceted curriculum based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.   Lessons are designed to meet the developmental benchmarks and growth of our students.  

The Letter People

Students are introduced to each letter of the alphabet through our friends; The Letter People. Each puppet brings its letter to life with a unique song and story.  The puppets help in building early literacy skills.

Handwriting without Tears

    Get Set for School

    Children learn and discover through engaging lessons, hands-on materials, art and music.  Our classrooms come alive with the voices of children and teachers interacting and learning together. 

    The curriculum focuses on three areas of learning:
    • Readiness & Writing
    • Numbers & Math
    • Language & Literacy 

     Download the Wet Dry Try App for Handwriting Practice Activities!


    Squawker and our Word Time program invite children to engage in discussions, 
    say new words, understand their meanings and build and speak complete sentences.  

    Each lesson is concluded with the following song:
    (to the tune of Hickory, Dickory, Dock)

    Letters together make words.  We learn new words each day.  
    We put the words together and have a new sentence to say.


    Monthly Thematic Lessons

    In addition to the above components of the curriculum, classes are introduced to monthly cross-curricular themes. Themes include topics such as All About Me, Harvest, Transportation and Planting & Gardening.  Find out more about our themes on our monthly classroom calendars.

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